Working closely with our customers and Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd. R & D, YNA is able to develop and manufacture products tailored to the highest expectations and specifications of our customers. Finding solutions to your automotive needs is our passion. Whether it be Oil Pumps, Water Pumps or Steering Columns, the YNA team takes pride in exceeding the customers expectations … everytime. Pumps
Oil pumps supply lubricants to engines and oil pressure to transmission and 4WD mechanisms. Pumps
Water pumps circulate coolant to keep the engine cool. Shafts
The drive shaft transfers power from the engine through rotary motion. Columns
The steering column is a critical component that translates handling and steering operations from the steering wheel to the S/T Gear Box. Parts
We manufacturer a wide range of component parts, including shafts, valves and transmission parts.

YAMADA North America, Inc. is a Japanese owned company, established in the U.S. in 1988. YNA has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of automotive parts to respective companies such as Honda and Subaru.

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